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Event management and audio-visual services go hand-in-hand, yet they’re also very distinct aspects of planning an event. For professionals in the events industry, it can be challenging trying to keep up with all the technical aspects of audio-visual for events. Yet it’s also really important that you understand what goes into planning an audio-visual production. To get you up to speed on some of the common aspects of event AV, have a read of this article. It will help you understand more about planning your audio-visual equipment requirements.

Event management best-practices change all the time. Trends evolve, objectives shift and as we collect more and more data, our understanding of what works deepens. 

But as a busy event planner or manager, keeping up to date on everything new in the industry can be a bit of a stretch. Luckily, there is a wealth of new knowledge and information being posted on event management blogs every day.

Trends come and go. What was once all the rave is now falling by the wayside, making way for new and exciting event trends.While you don’t want to be a slave to trends, it can be fun to incorporate a few into your events.