Digital service packages starting from $3,000

Looking to make your next event stand out? It’s time to go digital! Enhance your guest experience with our range of digital services. From live streaming to event apps, con-sol make the latest in digital event technology accessible.

Why include digital services in your next event?

Digital is an integral part of everyday life, and events are no exception. There are so many way to enhance your attendees’ event experience with digital. Event apps and floor plans can help guests find their way around and connect with other attendees. Streamline customer service with digital event schedules and let people experience your event remotely with live streaming.

Live & On Demand Web Streaming

Innovative technology that allows you to connect with audiences all over the world.

Event Apps

Enhance guest experience and streamline
customer service with event apps that connect people and places.

Event Recording

Audio and video recordings of your event provide you with on demand playback of keynote speakers or highlight reels.

Skyrocket audience engagement at your next event with your digital event services specialist.

Live Streaming

Eager to make a big impact with your next event? Live streaming or webcasting gives you global reach with the click of a button!

Con-sol’s live and on-demand web streaming services open up new avenues for your event and allow you to overcome traditional barriers like travel and availability, getting more eyes on your content and opening up alternate revenue streams. With live streaming, you can ensure that audiences who can’t attend your event can still gain access to everything you want to share live and on-demand.

Why livestream with con-sol?

  • Reach global audiences regardless of location
  • Track and analyse views / attendance
  • Create secondary revenue for online viewers
  • Engage with remote audiences through live digital polling
  • Sell digital advertising space or offer to sponsors
  • Stand out from competitors

Event Apps

Keep your audience up to date with everything they need to know in one simple place. Mobile apps are a great way to engage with your attendees before, during and after your event. Provide your audience with all the details they’ll need to enjoy your event, including maps, speaker schedules, live polling and surveys, countdowns, networking and heaps more.

It’s also a great way to reduce waste created by traditional flyers and handouts. Digital is the way of the future, and con-sol can help you stay ahead of the ball with innovative and sleek applications to boost event experiences for all your attendees.

Benefits of event apps:

  • Notify guests of changes pre-event
  • Stay top of mind with a countdown app for events
  • Provide fast and up-to-date schedule information
  • Provide parking and travel info
  • Help guests to navigate venue and speakers
  • Sell advertising space or offer to sponsors
  • Conduct live surveys and polling
  • Integrate social media or networking functionality
  • Include speaker biographies and photos

Event Recording

Record your event and view it on demand. As part of our comprehensive digital services, con-sol can facilitate both audio and video recording to allow you unlimited access to your event content.

Offer on demand playback to those unable to attend or use it for training purposes to make sure everyone gets to hear that all important keynote speaker.

We can also help you create event highlight packages to use for marketing or promotional purposes.

Benefits of event recording:

  • Audio and video recording
  • On demand playback (post event)
  • Keynote replay
  • Use for training purposes
  • Event highlight packages

Packages start from $3,000 – Enquire Now!

About con-sol

Based on the Gold Coast, con-sol are all about creating unforgettable events. With a holistic approach, we’ll work with you from initial planning phases right through to execution and pack down to ensure absolutely everything runs exactly as it should. We pride ourselves on our exceptional customer service and our ability to consistently provide technical support above and beyond what is expected.

As AV and event management specialists, we know what it takes to create lasting impressions and have the specialist tools to make it happen. We’re not just tech guys, nor are we traditional event planners. Taking the expertise of our technical team and pairing it with a group of forward-thinking event specialists, con-sol are able to offer a unique service that promotes better experiences and ultimately, wildly successful events.

The environmental benefits of digital

The environmental benefits of digital

Aside from customer experiences, digital events also produce far less paper and plastic waste. By utilising emails, apps and other digital platforms to present your information, there is no longer the need for bulk printing of flyers, information packs, signs and banners that will likely be used once and then tossed away.

If you’re looking for ways to integrate exciting new technology into your next event, chat with con-sol and let’s make it happen!